SolidSuit - Ultimate Protective Phone Case

Stronger than ever. Designed with recycled materials, for our planet.

Sustainable material innovation: ShockSpread ECO

Our cases are made with ShockSpread ECO, a new technology that provides strong protection while also being environmentally friendly. Continuing with our classic high impact technology, this new generation is made with sustainable TPE materials to better protect the planet. In addition to providing the same strong protection, the new design also offers enhanced dirt resistance, a stronger grip, and improved endurance. It's the perfect choice for those who demand the best.
  • Exceeds military standards. Drop resistant, survived 11 feet / 3.5 meters tumble tests.
  • Embedded with a unique structure to add additional 10% impact absorption.
  • Dirt resistant. Easy to clean. Better endurance.

Better technology. Greater experience.

The new generation of SolidSuit's material is made of TPE, which offers strong endurance and high flexibility. This makes it easy to remove the case from your device, providing a better overall experience. In comparison to plastic cases, the SolidSuit has a softer, more delicate touch that takes the feel of your device to a whole new level. It's smooth, not sticky, dirt resistant, oleophobic, and easy to clean.

Less carbon footprint. More possibilities.

As part of our commitment to mono-material production, the new SolidSuit helps us reduce our carbon emissions even further. The mono-material production line alone cuts up to 215 tons of carbon emission. By focusing on product design, innovative materials, and streamlining our production process, we are continuously working towards sustainability and fulfilling our promise to protect the planet.
  • Mono-material: Maximizing recyclability from the source.
  • Reducing production steps: Minimizing carbon emissions.
  • Material durability: Highly durable and capable of being recycled up to six times, minimising the impact on the environment.

Free your color palette

The SolidSuit series is a colorful canvas full of possibilities, where you can express your personal style. We've taken advantage of the flexible properties of the TPE material to offer a wide range of color options. Give your phone a whole new look with your favorite styles and make a statement wherever you go.

MagSafe-compatible Superior magnetic full force

SolidSuit series now offers MagSafe-compatible versions for your iPhone, giving you 2x the magnetic force to keep your device securely in place. Say goodbye to dropped phones and hello to peace of mind with the SolidSuit MagSafe case.


Better for you

Protect your phone. Protect your health. We prioritize your health and safety in everything we do. For that reason, our phone cases have been designed and tested to protect both your device and you. Our cases have met FDA food-grade standards and adhere to BPA/BPS/BPF-free standards, ensuring that they are safe for use and won't expose you or your loved ones to harmful environmental hormones.

Unleash your creativity. Design your own look.

RHINOSHIELD collaborates with brands and creative communities around the world to bring you thousands of design options for tech accessories. From museum art pieces to street culture artworks, you can choose what fits your personal style. You can also customize your own case design with prints, texts, numbers, or icons to make your personalized case truly yours.

Small changes. Big improvements.

We believe in the power of subtle change, where even small items have the potential to make big impacts on your daily life. That's why RHINOSHIELD offers a wide range of phone accessories in various colors and styles. Bring some sparkle to your life and enrich your daily routine with our limitless options.

Crossbody Lanyard


Impact Protector




Camera Ring


Oldies made new with RHINOSHIELD

At RHINOSHIELD, we are committed to circular design. Our mono-material product design and production allow us to recycle and reuse products, maximizing the recycling and reuse process and reducing the need for new plastics. This helps give our products a second life, working towards a more sustainable future.

Which product is right for you?



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