AquaStand Magnetic Bottle

Stand by Every You

Multi-Function Bottle for Multi-Versions of You

When last-minute meetings, online classes, or trendy filming strikes, you desperately need a phone stand—but it's never there! It's precisely at that moment when you realise just how challenging it can be to prop up your phone.

Say hi to AquaStand. This handy bottle holds both your phone and your water. With its high flexibility, it adapts to various usage scenarios, providing you with a superior experience while securely holding your device.

2x Magnetic Attraction: The Strongest Reliance

Attach, detach, in a snap. With AquaStand's magnetic grip, it perfectly aligns with your MagSafe compatible phone. Rest assured, the magnetic force between them is unwavering.

Our exclusive magnetic material technology takes the pull to the next level. It's stronger than ever, surpassing MagSafe standards. No more fragile attachments or unexpected slips here.

Play Multiple Roles With the Multi-Angle Stand

Unlock your versatility with the adjustable stand. It allows you to fine-tune between 15° - 90°, enabling seamless transitions between various roles.

At 47°, explore online recipes and become a five-star chef. Boost your career at 65°, mastering conference calls on the go. At 78.5°, capture dance challenges like a K-pop star. Activate your timer app and ignite the athlete within at 84°.

Detox Your Everyday Items

Health starts with what you eat and drink. But what about the things you touch? Be cautious. Hidden toxins can infiltrate your skin.

We take the extra step. Our bottles, cases, and watch bands are certified to meet FDA food-grade standards. We prioritise your well-being and ensure our accessories are free from toxic chemicals like BPA/BPS/BPF.

Quench Your Thirst, Never Miss a Beat


Snap button design for a quick sip, one click and ready to drink.


More than a magnetic grip, it's also your grab-and-go handle.


Leak-proof defence, guarded by the silicone gasket and the secure buckle.


Wide spout and detachable parts for spotless cleansing, leaving no room for germs.


Stay Hot, Stay Cool, for 8 Hours

Tired of relationships that are neither hot nor cold? AquaStand won't treat you that way. That's why we offer the stainless steel thermal option.

With 8 hours of insulation, in the summer, indulge in a cup of ice-cold brew to keep you cool without losing its chill. In the winter, savour a pot of hot tea to rekindle the warmth life demands.


Unburdened, Almost 50% Lighter

While insulation is important, many also prioritise weight. After rigorous testing at the Rhino Lab, we proudly present AquaStand with Tritan, the lightweight, safe, and durable material of choice.

Thanks to Tritan, AquaStand sheds nearly half of its weight, while gaining an extra 100 ml of capacity. Perfect for holding your favourite supersized drinks.

The Age of Aquarius: Unleash Your Creativity

Aquarius Traits: boundless imagination, fearless self-expression. Astrology or not, it's time to add a splash of novelty to your life. With AquaStand, turn your water bottle into a stylish masterpiece.

From iconic characters to all-star teams, from nature's embrace to the touch of art, customise your own bottle design with photos, text, numbers, or icons. Let our wide array of prints and customisation services be the voice that echoes your identity.

May the Magnetic Force Be With You

Experience the magnetic attraction. Attach or detach it as you wish. Once you've felt it, addiction follows.

Meet our revolutionary magnet technology: a wide range of MagSafe-compatible cases, phone grips, and magnetic rings for all devices. Harness your superpower with effortless mastery.

Sustainability, We Never Bottle Out

Why fuse a phone stand and a water bottle? Convenience is just the start; there's a reason called "sustainability." With expanded functionality, you carry more, and the waste of disposable containers is reduced.

AquaStand is built to last, minimising the need for replacements. We also embrace materials that support circularity, like forest-friendly packaging and vegetable-based inks.

Which product is right for you?


AquaStand - Stainless Steel

Bottle with MagSafe Compatible Phone Grip


AquaStand - Tritan

Bottle with MagSafe Compatible Phone Grip