CircularNext Sustainable Phone Case

Plastic, a valuable resource, not a reckless waste.

It's not the plastic's fault, but humanity's misuse. Globally, only 2% out of 14% is truly recycled after being processed in recycling facilities.

RHINOSHIELD ensures that used cases are reborn into a closed-loop cycle.

0 Waste・Mono Material・100% Circular

With these 3 keywords, we pave the way to everlasting sustainability.

Beyond a 2nd Life, but a 3rd, 4th...

Recycling more than once? It's all about endless cycles of renewal.

The purer, the easier the recycling. Embracing a mono-material approach, we ensure a 100% reusability in every cycle.

With each turn, we're not just recycling; we're reshaping a waste-free path to the future.

Embark on a Circular Journey

Recycled Phone Cases

CircularNext is made with reclaimed used cases and factory scraps. No resource is too small; every bit contributes to our growing circular ecosystem.

No Disassembly Needed

Most cases are made of multiple materials, which makes them extremely difficult recycle as the materials need to be separated and cleaned. Ours? With mono-material, they can be shredded and directly introduced to the circular journey for its rebirth.

After Pelletising, Ever Resilient

Every recycle affects material stability. RHINOSHIELD, powered by exclusive tech, boosts lifespan up to 6 times — unyielding durability through every rebirth.

Reborn in Circularity

Heat, melt, mould, cool, strengthen. Through this circular manufacturing process, we birth CircularNext, a 100% recycled phone case.

The Record of Rebirth

The Circular Mark — built on trust, totally transparent.

Scan CircularNext's QR to unveil its cycle, recycle date, material type.

The record signifies our traceability, ensuring prime quality in every recycle and remake, letting you compromise neither Earth protection nor functionality.

Happy Re-Birthday

After recycling, what's next? Your old companion begins a circular adventure, reborn as someone else's cherished gift.

Join us in celebrating this 'Happy Re-Birthday' together.


Mono Material = More Sustainable

Simplicity in Sustainability, 100% Authenticity.

100% Recyclable & Regenerative

The task sounds simple: use mono material for a phone case. Yet, to blend sustainability and functionality seamlessly is a feat few can master.

We push material limits, introducing a 100% recyclable masterpiece, where simplicity meets eco-excellence and protection.

0 Material Separation, Out with the Complexity

By sticking with mono material, we skip the disassembling process, avoid the glue residue and issues with deterioration.

Efficiency Increased by 20%

Material alchemy transforms our recycling game, minimising energy use and carbon footprint in manufacturing.

Material Lifespan Extended by 6x

A key to zero waste — when recycled material endures cycles, reliance on new resources is reduced.

Choose Mono With Rhino

In this era of shallow sustainability claims, discerning true commitment is crucial. With our RHINOSHIELD Mono Material Label, making a sustainable product choice with confidence becomes simple.


ShockSpread™ ECO

Guardian tech, Earth's ally.

Most cases on the market rely on a blend of hard + soft materials to add protective features, burdening the planet with hard to recycle products. So how has RHINOSHIELD been pioneering with mono materiality?

10 years ago, our ShockSpread material technology was born in a Cambridge laboratory. Today, 10 years later, it remains in a constant process of evolution, combining military-grade durability with recyclability, and extending the cycle of circularity, giving birth to ShockSpread™ ECO.


Dual-Tone Fusion Artistry

Materials crafted by scientists, fantastic medium for artists.

A Blend From Magical Moments

As the planet's orbit, so the atmospheric circulation.

CircularNext's colors were inspired by Magic Hours — sunrise and sunset's ephemeral gradients.

Blending the gentle peach of drifting clouds and the violet color of vanilla skies, we capture the gradient flow of nature's circularity, like a canvas portraying the celestial brushstrokes on your CircularNext recycled phone case.

Each Sky, Uniquely Its Own

Capturing nature's random yet organic flow.

Harmony in colour, uniqueness in every cycle.

With our Dual-Tone Fusion Technique, CircularNext blends two shades of recycled materials, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with each regeneration. It's impossible to replicate.

Join Our Circular Ecosystem, Earth’s Friend List

Recycling initiative to keep Earth in the RHINO LOOP.

Embark on this global sustainability journey with RHINOSHIELD.

We are in the process of further developing our mail recycling channel to collect your old cases. Hold onto your old cases for a little longer and we will be there to collect them soon. Sustainability is not an individual effort. Tens of millions of people have chosen to adopt mono-material for their cases by choosing RHINOSHIELD, and together, we can achieve major change.

We are thrilled to welcome you to our mission for a zero-waste future — the next cycle is ready to unfold.

How Do I Recycle RHINOSHIELD Cases by Mailback Service?

Uncover the reach of our services.

Check your local service availability, pack your pre-loved cases into an eco-friendly packaging, then ship them to the designated address — recycling mission: complete!

We vouch to ensure every used RHINOSHIELD mono material case finds its perfect place, unlocking its maximum value through continuous recycling.


Sustainability is not a given.

As nature becomes a rare commodity, humanity understands that civilisation and nature aren't opposing forces but a shared entity requiring wholehearted protection.

This is our mission: leveraging material technology to bring artificial creations closer to nature's circular principles. To delve into our philosophy of protecting this planet, check here.

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