What does the algorithm serve your eyes on-screen? A cascade of natural wonders triggering a dopamine rush, creating an addictive loop for more likes, comments, and shares on social media.

Yet, beyond the phone, landscapes on your bucket list might no longer exist.


Out of Sight Doesn’t Mean out of Existence

Forever in Good Vibes Only mode, where only the positive unfolds on the screen. But when you physically stand before the scenery, ready to snap a photo, the realisation hits: 'Why is it so different from what I've seen online?’

Trash waves swallowing sun-kissed coastlines, coral losing its vibrancy underwater, glaciers crumbling under the northern lights — scenes resembling an impending apocalypse. This is the stark reality nature is confronting.

Nature Seeks Attention

Humanity is a part of nature. Ironically, nature finds itself struggling to prove its existence as damages it faces are undeniable truths. Nature hopes that you take an extra look.

On the screen, take a moment to witness the unfiltered reality of the world. Let algorithms know you do care about these environmental issues.

Flip to the back, turn your phone case into a mobile billboard. With designs by RHINOSHIELD, capture attention and give those around you a chance to take a closer look at the current challenges faced by nature.

Go See, Go Mend, Go Protect This World

After our 'Nature Explorers Collection,' we, as designers, questioned: How can we make a positive impact for nature?

In an era where attention is a scarce resource, environmental issues become unattractive news. 'Let nature be seen again'—captivate attention through visual aesthetics. As designers, this is our mission as designers.

Realizing that our impact can go beyond imagination, we unveil the 'LOOK!' collection. Join us in seeing endangered natural beauty through the eyes of a designer, not as faded historical images.


Go See:Nature’s Eyes On You

What on earth are humans doing?’ Place googly eyes on—hills, lands, reefs—to enliven them. Nature's gaze focuses on wounded spots:

Great Barrier Reef, lost amidst pale-faced corals; Icebergs helpless, watching fallen polar bears on vanishing land; Bali's mountains, witnesses to resorts devouring forests and waves of trash; Canaries' lands staring at suffocating deserts, praying wildfires spare them.

Shift perspective, look from nature's POV. See humanity's impact on ecology, urging us to empathise and treat our planet better.

Go Mend:May Scars Bloom Into Flowers

Intensified disasters reveal the cost of development — scars on our once pristine Earth. This is nature's SOS. Respond now, halt the harm, let healing begin, till wounds turn to scabs.

Designers use illustrations to mend the Earth, resurrecting its inherent vitality. With a brush, we replant the Amazon for jaguars, reclaim streams for Thai macaques on deforested slopes, restore vegetation for baby kangaroo and California deer after wildfires.

The journey to rebirth might be long, yet we hope that one day, life will blossom again on these scars.

Go protect:The Masterpiece of Nature

This time, designers surrender their ideas, returning creative sovereignty to nature. Glaciers, canyons, rainforests — scenes that capture millions of likes on social media are timeless masterpieces shaped by nature over the ages.

But, within a few decades, nature's masterpieces face extinction, relegated to historical images confined to screens.

We believe that every magnificent landscape deserves an artistic treatment, to be cherished and protected with care, ensuring their transmission into the future for people to witness and experience.


Substance Over Spectacle

Artists draw inspiration from nature, while material scientists ensure our creations align with natural circularity. Despite challenges, we persist in exploring sustainable solutions. Here’s a glimpse of our progress:

Since 2017, all phone cases are fully made with mono-material, eliminating the material separation step in recycling, achieving a 100% circular economy. Straps, lanyards, and grips are also crafted from recycled materials.

We don't go for showiness without substance. In our commitment to nature, we opt for authenticity, balancing both inside and out.

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